A Bit of History

The turbulent fortunes of both Presbyterianism and Episcopalianism in Scotland find reflection in the story of Holy Trinity. Between 1745 -1792 the Scottish Episcopal church was proscribed on account of its support for the Jacobite cause and became as a result the object of an 18 th century 'war on terror'!

After the revolution of 1688 when episcopacy was abolished in Scotland, a tolerant and politically astute William of Orange permitted provision to be made for Episcopal ministers to retain their benefices - provided they took the oath of allegiance to the Crown.

In the county of Haddingtonshire there continued a large measure of support for the Episcopal way of worship, and well into the 18 th century our congregation shared an amicable home with the local Kirk in the nearby parish church of St Mary's - a pragmatic and friendly relationship existing again today.

There has been Christian worship on this spot for over 800 years, for the present church stands on the site of a Franciscan friary built in the 13 th century. This was demolished in 1572 after the General Assembly of the Kirk decreed that all monastic places of worship not used as parish churches should be pulled down.

The building of the first Episcopal chapel on this site was started in 1769 as a ‘qualified’ or Church of England chapel. Although dedicated in 1770, there was no consecration until 1815 when the congregation joined the Scottish Episcopal Church. Until the mid-19 th century Holy Trinity was the only Episcopal church in the county.

An illustrated booklet, "Holy Trinity Haddington Bicentenary 1770 - 1970" updated in 2007, is available on application to the treasurer for £2.50 incl pp.

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